10 reasons you’re not building muscle

January 4,2019 / Bodybuilding

Building muscle is a very complicated process, no matter what your body type thin or you have a strong physique. Such situations are common when novice athletes do not see results from training, it can be due to many reasons, which are actually very easy to avoid. So if you are wary that you don’t see results, you need to understand and evaluate your actions and make some adjustments.

  1. Impatience.If you are a novice athlete, the first stage of training results will not be visible. 1 time, your body begins to readjust and get used to with a certain physical stress. The brain begins to activate a higher percentage of muscle fiber is called neuromuscular efficiency. Coordination improves with each exercise and the number of simultaneous contraction of the muscles decreases. Do not expect quick results, working hard and patient, then you will succeed.
  2. Incorrectly organized trainings.In order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to make a correct training program. It is impossible to train in a random order, you must completely stick to the plan. Irregular exercise may make you stronger, but certainly will not give you visible results.
  3. Do not track your progress.Keep track of your progress is as important as you need for correct program. In order to maximize the hypertrophy of the muscles required to keep a record of your workouts, record your number of repetitions, rate of exercise, used weight, break between sets.
  4. Insufficient or improper food. In order to build muscle mass is not enough to eat salad. Need to receive this amount of calories, which will cover the spent of energy expended during physical activity and all internal processes.
  5. The execution of defective reps.The repetition which was done by half give the same effect. Pick an appropriate weight. The best option would be to take less weight to perform the exercise efficiently in full force.
  6. You are in a state of stress and depression. You must learn to relax. The better your psychological state, the better you will recover after a workout. The better you recover, the better will be your results. Eat good quality fresh food and drink water.
  7. Too many cardio workouts. Cardio workout must not be dominant in your training, if your goal is to build muscle mass and strength. Basically, cardio workouts are not excluded from your program, but must be 3-4 days of training only on lifting the weight.
  8. Avoid drop sets.In drop-sets is used the gradual reduction of the maximum weight, each mini-set is performed the maximum number of times. Constant tension of the muscles that are used during mini-sets cause hypertrophic mechanism in muscle. Drop-sets are required in order to build muscle mass.
  9. Too strong passion for the gym.If you engage too long, then the recovery process will take much time and it will adversely affect your results. Standard strength training should not exceed 60 minutes.
  10. Fear of challenging movements. Properly plan your workout. The best option is to lift heavy weights early in the workout when you have a lot of energy and you are period. For the second half of training, you can leave the exercise, which promotes the development of individual muscle groups.

If your goal is to build muscle mass, follow the instructions. Eat well, relax, make yourself a quality exercise program and stick to it. Do not deviate from the plan and then you will achieve good results.